Our Story

Parenthood is filled with so many questions. Is my baby growing and developing well? Are these rashes on her cheeks and legs normal? What are some products that are natural and safe to use to keep my baby skin healthy? My day as a pediatrician is filled with these questions, but when it comes to your baby’s health – asking questions are essential!

Practicing for more than 25 years, I have seen countless childhood illness; but the one condition seen daily is eczema. Through out the years, I have tried various forms of treatment. Some successful, some not so successful. While prescribing steroid creams is often normal daily practice for treating eczema, it can leave unwanted side effects.

You can imaging the frustration that I felt — let alone the discomfort felt by my little patients. Understanding the role that our immune system plays in eczema, lead me to new ideas, new approaches, using creativity and innovation. So I began to develop products that are natural and safe. Our INBY Baby products are made with ingredients from all around the world that are know to help with inflammation, infection, itchy, scarring and dry skin — and at the same time protecting the layers of skin.

I only select nutrient-rich ingredients that are 100% natural. My mission is to create healthy products with a spark and a purpose and ultimately to maintain your baby’s healthy, smooth, soft, and silky skin.

Let’s protect the skin your baby was born in!

Dr. Toni L. Thompson-Chittams FAAP
Founder of Inby Baby

How Our Products Are Made

INBY BABY uses only the most natural products to ensure the health of your baby’s skin! We give a complete ingredient list with every product. Every product has been formulated by a pediatrics expert and is made with attention to detail and care.

inbybaby cream product photo