Despite all the attention you pay to your baby to avoid having their  eczema flair up, it turns up anyway. Try a  this action plan if a flare-up occurs:
1. Focus on the red areas.
Focus on inflamed areas as soon as they appear. Like many problems, the sooner you treat it, the faster the remedy works and the more effective it is. For this, there’s nothing better than the treatment prescribed by your Pediatrician! No matter if it’s just a little irritation or if it’s already “weeping”, these symptoms require special attention! So call your Baby Pediatrician! They may recommend a steroid that will reduce redness,  pruritus, swelling and plaques and, most importantly, it will all go away after a couple of days.
2. Keep pampering the skin on the rest of your child’s body.
Keep applying emollient care everywhere else, not just on weeping patches. From the face to the feet, right after the bath and/or as many times as necessary in a massage, it will continue to repair the skin, increasing suppleness and moisturization.

Tips for greater comfort

Cold is your ally, as it anesthetizes itchiness—don’t hesitate to use a water mister and/or your emollient care in the refrigerator and take it out just before use, or apply cold compresses, etc.
Cut your baby nails regularly to avoid cuts from the scratching. This little precaution will no doubt help avoid making things worse!
Choose high-tolerance bedclothes, 100% cotton such as the soothing pajamas
Let’s protect the skin your baby was born in!