I get ask on a daily basis about Sleep training! Sleep training in Babies can be a Daunting task, however, starting good sleep habits in your baby now can avoid your toddler sleeping in your bed later.

First, let us realizes that babies in the first 6 month do not have regular sleep cycles and they sleep about 17 hours a day about 1 to 2 hours at a time. Do not worry though, as they get older their sleep will increase. Until then, there are a few things that you should incorporate into their routine.

Talking, Reading, and Playing with your babies will lengthen their awake time and perhaps will help with longer periods of sleep at night.

Having a daily sleep recipe is paramount. Establishing a routine sleep training such as a soothing bath, relaxing message, calming music, spinning or motion lights, all trigger in your babies brain that it is time for bed.

When your baby is drowsy this is a good time to place them in their own sleeping quarters. This will help them to fall asleep on their own. Avoid rocking or shaking them to sleep.

Try a daily message !
There’s no special technique to massaging a baby. Find a carpeted floor in a warm room. Lay baby on a soft blanket or fabric. Get a little INBY BABY CREAM or a gentle natural oil. Warm it in your hand. Then gently massage baby’s chest and tummy — using a gentle yet firm touch. Try to make eye contact and talk to your baby. Sing softly. Adding soothing music or aromas such as Lavender!

Remember to be consisted and stay strong when there is some hesistency

Love the Skin they are In!